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TechRoadmap is "bilingual", equally at home with technology and patent-speak.


Patent Strike ForceSM services translate engineers’ inventions into patent disclosures that let your patent attorney work efficiently. We shepherd your disclosure through the entire patent processing system. 


How do you process your patent ideas?

  • Do you have a backlog of inventive concepts?
  • Do you give your patent attorney raw invention disclosure data?
  • Do you understand claim construction well enough to "negotiate" with your patent attorney and the patent examiner?



The Patent Strike ForceSM provides technically savvy, "patent aware" invention disclosure generation service.



Process - Instead of diverting valuable time from inventing, developing and managing to documenting, writing, and explaining concepts to your attorney, let TechRoadmap do it for you. You and your team concentrate on improving your technology while we translate your ideas into “patentese”.

See how a Typical Patent Strike Force Engagement makes your life easier! Examine examples of how others have benefited from this service.

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