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TechRoadmap has a new perspective on your technology


Invention MiningSM services help your engineers produce protectable intellectual property for a sustainable competitive advantage.


Is this your situation?

  • Do your engineers recognize the value of a patent?
  • Do they know what they need to do to protect their ideas?
  • Do they help you grow a forest of protection?

Invention MiningSM is the continuous process of working to identify potential inventions early on in the development cycle. Not brainstorming, the Invention Mining process draws out the potentially patentable ideas in the work you are already doing.



The process - Depending on what you are already doing, TechRoadmap's involvement may be as simple as attending your periodic patent review meetings or as complete as helping you set-up and maintain a well orchestrated process to convert your engineers into inventors.

The positive feedback and repeated experience of Invention MiningSM group meetings encourages and focuses the engineer to solve product development problems with patentable solutions and to think of ways to extend your protection.

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