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WaveWalk, Inc
., developer of new aquatic sporting devices has recently been featured in the New York Times and the Boston Globe.

The Times article highlighted a WaveWalk's recently issued patent where we provided both Invention MiningSM services (e.g. working with the inventor to identify the potentially patentable elements) and helped him work with his patent attorney to ensure a technically accurate patent application.

The Globe feature appeared in the Sunday magazine section and discussed WaveWalk's evolution from a man with an idea to a company with a product for sale. A patent application for the  product, the W-sportsboat, has also been filed with our Invention MiningSM services and patent support.


MicroE Systems, developer of high precision, ultra compact position sensing encoders was purchased for $55 million cash by GSI Lumonics in the spring of 2004. An article in Mass High Tech newspaper discussed why the 7x return on investors' money was a good deal.

Our Invention MiningSM and Patent Strike ForceSM services were used to build MicroE's portfolio, adding value the the company in GSI's eyes. We participated in obtaining/filing 10 of MicroE's 13 issued or pending patents and have helped defend against a foreign competitor's "oppositions" to 2 of  MicroE's 3 original foreign patents.






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